The Encore Rewards Kiosk is now available at your nearby Casino. By using the Encore Rewards Kiosk, you will be able to:

•           Join Encore Rewards if you are not already a member

•           Reprint your Encore card

•           Change your PIN

•           Check your point balance

•           Learn about Casino property information and events

•           Participate in promotions and bonus games when available


How can I join Encore Rewards at the Kiosk?

You can start by scanning your BC driver’s licence at the Kiosk and following all prompts to complete your Encore Rewards registration. Once registration has been completed, please visit Guest Services to pick up your Encore card.  

How can I reprint my card at the Kiosk?

Follow these steps:

1)         Scan your BC driver’s licence

2)         Enter your PIN to initiate the printing of a new card

3)         Your new Encore card will be printed at the Kiosk

*Cards will be printed without the diamond level included


What if I want a card printed with my Diamond level included?

If you would like a card printed with your diamond level, please visit Guest Services for assistance.


How can I update my PIN at the Kiosk?

You can update your PIN by:

1) Selecting the ‘Change PIN’ option

2) Entering your current PIN, followed by entering your new PIN twice to confirm the change


Forgot your pin? No worries! You can head over to Guest Services for further assistance.