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Changes to My Rewards page

We’re always trying to improve and simplify our program for Encore Rewards members. As part of this evolution we’ve improved the look and feel of the My Rewards page when you login to your Encore Rewards account online.

You’ll notice that you can still see your redeemable points but now we’ve broken it down even further so that you can see exactly where you can choose to redeem your points.

Here’s what you’ll see now when you login.

Anywhere Points are points that you earned from playing with your Encore Rewards card, bonus points as a result of your status or points that were awarded to you from BCLC as part of a promotion. You can redeem these points at ANY casino or Chances location in BC.

Casino Specific Points are points awarded to you from a specific casino or group of casinos. In this section you can see exactly what locations you can redeem your points at. You’ll notice there are individual casinos listed and there are groups of casinos that are connected. An example of a connected group is Gateway Casinos & Entertainment; there are multiple locations listed in the drop down underneath. All points associated with Gateway Casinos & Entertainment can be used at any location listed beneath.

Encore Rewards Membership Status indicates your current diamond status. Below your status you can see how many membership status points you have. You’ll have to reach the threshold

Monthly Bonus Points are listed at the very bottom of the page. This shows how many bonus points you’ve received in the last month if you are a Double or Triple Diamond member. Your monthly bonus points are included in your Anywhere Points Total at the very top of the page.

We hope you find the new look easier to understand.