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Frequently Asked Questions

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Join Encore Rewards

How do I become an Encore Rewards member?

To sign up for Encore Rewards, you can register online or fill in the application form at your local casino or Chances location in BC. Once you've completed your online registration or in-person form, visit Guest Services with a piece of Government issued photo ID. You'll receive an Encore Rewards card right then.

What are the steps for online registration?

Joining is easy! Click “Join Now” in the top right hand corner. Fill in your account details like name, date of birth, address and click submit. Once you’ve successfully completed your registration you’ll receive an email verification with a link – click it. Next you'll need to visit Guest Services at your local casino or Chances location where they will verify your Government issued photo ID, set your PIN and provide you with your personalized Encore Rewards card.

You’re now an Encore Rewards member and you can start using your card every time you visit. Don’t forget to login in online to check your points and status regularly.

Can I use my Encore Rewards card at locations other than the place where I got my card?

Yes, your Encore Rewards card is valid at all casinos and Chances locations in BC.

My Account

Can I change my account information online?

Yes! So long as you have an online account set up, you can sign in to change account information like address, PIN, phone number etc. If your name has changed please contact BCLC Customer Support as this must be updated by a staff member.

How do I access my account information?

You can access your account information online if you are registered for an online account or you can visit Guest Services at any casino or Chances location in BC. If you do not have a My Encore online account, register for one here. All you need to register is your valid email address, date of birth, and Encore Rewards number. Through your My Encore account you will be able to sign in and view your points balance, activity and profile at any time. Your points information is updated every 15 minutes.

If you already have an online account, Sign In to view your points balance.

What should I do if I get locked out during sign in?

If you make more than 3 unsuccessful attempts to sign in to your account you will be locked out for 15 minutes. Please wait 15 minutes and try again. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here. If you are still unsuccessful and would like assistance please contact BCLC Customer Support.

What is the difference between my PIN and my password?

Your PIN is set at the casino or Chances location when you pick up your Encore Rewards card. It’s used when you want to redeem points for free play. Your password is used to set up and login to your online account at EncoreRewards.ca

What should I do if I didn’t receive my registration confirmation email?

If you did not receive your confirmation email within 30 minutes of completing your registration, please ensure that you check your “junk” or “promotions” folders. If you still have not received your email, please contact BCLC Customer Support.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving Encore Rewards mail and/or emails?

You can update your communication preferences online at any time by logging into your Encore Rewards account and clicking on Profile and then the Account tab.

Additionally, you can unsubscribe from receiving Encore Rewards mail and/or emails by either contacting BCLC Customer Support or visiting Guest Services at a casino or Chances location near you. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email from Encore Rewards that you can click on to unsubscribe.

I’ve lost my Encore Rewards card. What should I do?

Please contact BCLC Customer Support right away.


Why do I need a PIN?

Your PIN allows you to redeem your points for free play. When you are at a slot machine or eTable and want to redeem points for free play you’ll need to insert your Encore Rewards card and enter your PIN to confirm that this is your account. You'll also need your PIN to redeem points for table free play vouchers at Guest Services.

How do I get a PIN?

You can set up a PIN at Guest Services. Government issued photo ID is required.

How do I change my PIN?

You can easily change your PIN online by logging into your Encore Rewards account and clicking Profile, then the PIN tab and then click save. You can also choose to update your PIN at any Guest Services desk. 

Can I use my PIN at other casinos and Chances locations?

Yes, your PIN is valid at all casinos and Chances locations across BC.

What numbers should I use for my PIN?

It is recommended that you create a four (4) digit PIN that would not be easily guessed. Like your bank card, you should pick a secure number that you will remember but is not easy to predict such as your birthday or 1234.

Earn Points

How do I earn points?

Points are awarded with every dollar played on slots, tables and eTables, plus any monthly Double Diamond or Triple Diamond membership level bonuses. Points cannot be earned during bets from free play.

Can I collect points if I don’t have a PIN?

Yes, you collect points when playing with your Encore Rewards card, whether or not you have a PIN. If you don't have a PIN though, you cannot redeem your points for free play. 

In addition to slots, which electronic games are eligible for collecting points?

Click here to learn which games you can earn points at while you play.

How are my points earned on table games calculated?

Your points earned at tables are calculated by evaluating your average bet, hours played, decisions per hour and what table game you’re playing.

My points balance seems incorrect. What should I do?

First, sign in to My Encore to view your updated statement and check all your activity and balance. Your points are updated every 15 minutes. If there are inconsistencies, please contact BCLC Customer Support immediately.

In my online account I see Anywhere Points and Casino Specific Points, what’s the difference?

Anywhere Points are points that can be redeemed for free play at any casino or Chances location in BC. Casino Specific Points are points that can only be redeemed at certain locations. Under the Casino Specific Points section you’ll see groups of casinos and how many points you have available to redeem at each.  

Are there any games excluded from earning points?

Yes, unfortunately you cannot earn points when you play poker. 

Redeem Points

What can I redeem my points for?

Encore Rewards points can be redeemed for free play at your choice of slots, tables or eTables. Unfortunately you cannot earn or redeem points for poker.

How do I redeem points?

You can redeem points for free play directly at a slot machine or eTable using your Encore Rewards card and PIN. To redeem points for table free play take your Encore Rewards card to Guest Services to get a free play voucher that you can give to the dealer at your table.

What is the minimum number of points that I can redeem?

The minimum redemption amount at slots or eTables is $5 (which is 1,000 points). At tables, the minimum redemption amount is $10 (or 2,000 points), however points can be redeemed at any value over $10.

What is the value of my points?

The points ratio is $1:200 points. That means for every 1,000 points you have a free play value of $5.

Can I receive cash for my points?

No, points or free play cannot be redeemed for cash or slot tickets. Points can be redeemed directly at the slot machine or eTable for free play or you can redeem points for table free play at Guest Services. Credits that are won are the only credits that can be cashed in.

What happens to points that I redeem, but don’t use?

Points that are redeemed but not used at the slot machine will be returned to your balance. Points redeemed for table free play vouchers must be used within the same day it was issued.

When do my points expire?

Unused points in your account expire after 365 days unless stated otherwise. To see expired points, log into your Encore Rewards account, go to My Encore, then click the Statements tab. Under Statement Period, select the period you are looking for and under Points Category, select Expired Points. Your expired points will then display on the page.

Table Rewards

Can I earn rewards by playing table games?

Yes, when you play table games at participating casinos you will earn points that you can redeem for table free play.

What locations offer table rewards?

Table rewards are offered at the following locations in BC:

Lower Mainland: River Rock Casino, Starlight Casino, Grand Villa Casino, Hard Rock Casino, Cascades Casino Langley, Elements Casino & Parq Vancouver

Okanagan: Cascades Casino Kamloops, Playtime Casino Kelowna, Lake City Casino Vernon & Cascades Penticton, 

Vancouver Island: View Royal Casino & Casino Nanaimo

Northern BC: Treasure Cove Casino, Billy Barker Casino & Chances Fort St. John

Kootenays: Casino of the Rockies 

Where have my Encore Dollars gone?

On May 17, 2017 all Encore Dollars were converted to points so you only need to keep track of one balance. Encore Dollars were converted at 1 Encore Dollar : 200 points ratio. 

Free Play

How do I receive free play?

Free play is now awarded exclusively in the form of points. Points are awarded by BCLC or specific casino or Chances locations for promotions, including direct mail, email, prizes, and other special offers. 

How do I redeem my free play value?

You can redeem your points for free play at slots or eTables by using your Encore Rewards card and PIN at a machine or a table. To redeem for table free play you must take your Encore Rewards card to Guest Services to receive a table free play voucher.

Points earned from playing or awarded as a promotion from BCLC can be redeemed at any casino or Chances location in BC. Points awarded as part of a promotion from a specific casinos or Chances location can only be redeemed for free play at a casino or Chances location within the same gaming company where it was originally awarded. To understand exactly where you can redeem your points, login to your Encore Rewards account under My Rewards to see the breakdown. Unused points older than 365 days will expire unless otherwise stated.

What is the minimum amount of points I can redeem for free play?

The minimum redemption amount at slots or eTables is $5 (which is 1,000 points). At tables, the minimum redemption amount is $10 (2,000 points).

When does my free play expire?

Points (that can be redeemed for free play) expire after 365 days unless stated otherwise.

Will my free play value show on my Encore Rewards account?

Yes, your points balance and free play value can be viewed on your EncoreRewards.ca account at any time.

I know someone that received an Encore Rewards offer that I didn’t. Why?

Different offers are sent to individual Encore Rewards members who meet particular conditions, such as number of visits, that qualify them for a given offer.

Promotions, Contests and Offers

What is the difference between Encore Rewards promotions and site promotions?

BCLC administers the Encore Rewards program, and sends members special offers from time-to-time. On the other hand, each casino and Chances location in BC may offer special promotions specific to that venue, such as 2,000 points valued at $10 of free slot play. Points awarded by a specific casino or Chances location can only be redeemed at that location whereas BCLC points can be redeemed at any location. Make sure you are aware of the conditions that apply to each promotion. To view where you can use all of your points login into your My Encore account.

I’m a Double Diamond member; does that mean I receive double the contest entries for all casino, Chances and BCLC promotions?

Double Diamond members receive double entries for some Encore Rewards promotions and 5% bonus points added every month. Rules for contests run by individual locations are determined by the individual casino or Chances location. Always make sure to review contest conditions to understand how many entries you can receive.

Can I give my Encore Rewards special offer, to my family or friends?

The offers you receive are non-transferable, unless otherwise stated on the offer. Guest Services may ask you for picture ID to confirm your identity before issuing you the promotional offer.

Membership Levels and Points

How is my membership level determined?

Membership levels are determined by the amount of points you have collected over a 6 month period. Based on your accumulated activity, your membership level can increase every month, but can only decrease every 6 months. Program anniversary dates run November 1 (based on play from May to October) and May 1 (based on play from November to April).

How many points are required for each Encore Rewards membership level?

  • Diamond: points required = 0-7,499
  • Double Diamond: points required = 7,500 - 44,999
  • Triple Diamond: points required = 45,000+

Can bonus points be calculated towards my membership level status?

No. Bonus points, promotional points, multiplier and direct mail offers do not affect your membership level. Only your “coin in” or money wagered at the machine leads to your membership level. 

How do I move up a membership level?

Depending on your amount of play, you may be upgraded to the next membership level at the end of that month. All membership levels offer great benefits. Based on level of activity, your membership level can increase every month, but can only decrease every 6 months.

Will I keep my membership level forever?

No, membership levels are determined based on your amount of play every 6 month period. It is refreshed every May and November. 

Why was I moved down a membership level?

If your level of play is reduced over the 6-month period, you will be moved to the appropriate membership level. There are great membership benefits regardless of your level.

To get to Double Diamond Member status at 7,500 points, does that mean I have to spend $7,500 on slots out of my pocket?

No, one (1) point for every $1 of slot play wagered includes the initial spend plus any slot play wins accumulated and then played on a slot machine.

For example, if you put in $5 and spin 5 times at $1 each, you have earned 5 points. If you win $10 during those spins and continue to play, you now have played an additional 10 spins at $1 each. This will earn you 10 more points. In this example, you put in $5 but earned 15 points.


What does BCLC have in place to ensure my personal information is secure?

All customer information is stored in a highly secure database. Security measures such as encryption, file integrity monitoring and auditing are used to provide a multi-layered defence system for protecting our players' personal and transactional data.

Do you share my information with the government?

BCLC does not give or sell your personal information to any 3rd parties. In some cases, we share your personal information with other companies to provide services on our behalf. In those cases, we only provide them with the information needed to perform those services and also require them not to share your information with anyone else. For more information view our Privacy Statement on bclc.com.

How do I prevent other people from viewing my name on the on screen display?

If you don’t want your name shown on the touch screen at the slot or eTable, you can visit Guest Services or the Cash Cage to change your privacy settings.

Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE)

I’m a Voluntary Self-Excluded member, am I eligible to join?

No, BCLC does not offer any points programs or mailings to any VSE patrons. Learn more about Voluntary Self-Exclusion or visit our GameSense booth in any casino or Chances location in BC.