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Earn & Redeem

Encore Rewards members receive exclusive benefits including:

  • $5 of FREE play for every 1,000 points you redeem
  • Exclusive offers and VIP contests
  • Monthly bonus points for Double and Triple Diamond members
Best of all it’s free to join!

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Membership levels

Points Earned
Monthly Bonus Points
Contest and Promotions
EncoreRewards.ca Promotions and offers
0 - 7,499
7,500 - 44,999

How to earn points


1 point per $1 in play


Points earned vary per table game*


1 point per $5 in play


1 point per $5 in play


4 points per $5 in play

Multigame eTable

4 points per $5 in play

*Points earned on table games are calculated based on type of game, time played, average bet and decisions per hour.

“1 point earned per $1 in play” for slots does not only equal 1 point earned for every 1 dollar out of your wallet. Your “dollar in play” also includes your winnings, as long as they are placed into bet.


You buy-in with $5 from your wallet to place into bet and won $5. You now have $10.

You place your $10 into bet once again.

Your total “dollar in play” is now $15 ($5 original bet + $10 bet)

Therefore, you have successfully earned 15 Encore Rewards points although only $5 came out of your pocket!

*Free play does not accrue to Encore Rewards points.

How to redeem points

Encore Rewards points can be redeemed for free play at slots or tables! 

Redeem your points for free play directly at slot machines or eTables using your Encore Rewards card and PIN number. If you don’t have a PIN, visit Guest Services at any casino or the Cash Cage at any Chances location in BC.

To redeem your points for free play at tables, visit Guest Services with your Encore Rewards card and PIN number. You will receive a table free play voucher that you will provide to the dealer at your table. Table free play vouchers will only be valid for the same day it was issued.

Points can be redeemed at any casino or Chances location in BC however, offers sent via email or direct mail can be only be redeemed and played at a location within the same gaming company where it was originally awarded.

Your membership level is determined by the points you have earned over a 6 month period and can increase at the beginning of each month. Your membership level can only decrease every 6 months. Program anniversary dates run November 1 (based on play from May to October) and May 1 (based on play from November to April).

Bonus points, promotional points, multiplier and direct mail offers do not affect your membership level. All points are redeemable for free play.

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