Terms and Conditions

Effective from Feb. 3, 2014 ("Effective Date")

1. Introduction  

1.1.   These Encore Rewards Terms and Conditions (these "Terms") contain the terms and conditions that govern the Encore Rewards program (the "Program").

1.2.   For the purposes of the Program only, any reference to "Chances" includes any Community Gaming Centre in British Columbia.

1.3.   British Columbia Lottery Corporation ("BCLC") may amend or alter these Terms at any time. You can access the current Terms on the premises of any BC Casino or Community Gaming Centre and on the website www.EncoreRewards.ca

2.   Membership

2.1.   Your participation in any aspect of the Program constitutes acceptance of the Terms currently in effect.

2.2.   Membership is free and is granted and maintained at BCLC's discretion.

2.3.   In order to become a member, you must:

a) complete, in full, and sign the Encore Rewards Application;
b) be at least 19 years of age; and
c) present government issued photo identification in person, at any BC Casinos or Community Gaming Centre location.

2.4.   Membership is only available to natural persons. Organizations and institutions are not eligible for membership.

2.5.   Only one membership per person.

2.6.   The Program is not available to BCLC employees.

2.7.   Limited Program membership is available to BCLC Service Provider staff.
         2.7.1.  BCLC Service Providers are not eligible for membership level tier upgrades.

2.8.   You are not eligible for membership in the Program if you are self-excluded, suspended or banned from a BC Casino or any Community Gaming Centre location.

2.9.   All benefits and rewards are subject to availability.

2.10.   Membership and its benefits are non-transferable.

2.11.   You must abide by these Terms.

3.   Privacy

3.1.   BCLC is committed to protecting your privacy. Personal information related to your membership will be collected in accordance with BC's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used, accessed, disclosed and stored by BCLC and its service providers inside and outside of Canada:

3.1.1.   to administer the Program, which includes distributing information and promotional materials to you;

3.1.2.  for research, survey and statistical purposes;

3.1.3.   to administer responsible gaming programs;

3.1.4.   to expedite enrolment in other services provided by BCLC or BCLC's service providers that BCLC thinks may be of interest to you; and

3.1.5.   to comply with applicable laws


3.3.   You must notify BCLC, a BC Casino or any Community Gaming Centre location, in person, of any change(s) to your personal information and you must present government-issued photo identification to verify any such change. This includes, but is not limited to, a change of name and/or address.

3.4.   If you elect to provide shared contact information, such as an email address that is accessible by yourself and another individual(s), personal information, including account balances and point activity may be sent to this address.

3.5.  If you have any questions about the collection or use of your personal information please contact BCLC's Information and Privacy Administrator at 74 West Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC, V2C 1E2, Telephone 1-866-815-0222.

4.   Membership Cards

4.1.   All Encore Rewards Cards (each a "Card") remain the property of BCLC.

4.2.   You may not have more than two (2) valid Cards inserted in gaming devices at any time.

4.3.   Only you may use your Card. You must not give your Card to another person.

4.4.   You must immediately report lost, stolen, or malfunctioning Cards.

4.5.   BCLC and its service providers are not responsible for any loss caused by the misuse of your Card.

4.6.   BCLC may replace a lost, stolen or damaged Card in its discretion upon presentation in person of government issued photo identification. BCLC reserves the right to charge a fee for replacement Cards or to terminate your membership if BCLC decides you have claimed an excessive number of lost, damaged and/or stolen cards.

5.   Encore Rewards Benefits

5.1.  Encore Rewards Points ("Points") can be earned and redeemed at any participating BC Casino or Community Gaming Centre location.

5.2.   You earn Points or may receive bonus prizes if you play eligible slot machines or electronic table games at any BC Casino or Community Gaming Centre location while your Card is inserted into the card reader.

5.3.   To be eligible for benefits, it is your responsibility to ensure that your Card is inserted properly into the slot machine or eligible electronic table game and remains in the machine while you play.

5.4.   In the event that rewards are available to earn on table games or other games, it is your responsibility to ensure that a supervisor is aware of your play.

5.5.   You cannot earn Points while playing poker or participating in a tournament of any kind.

5.6.   Points and /or Free Play are redeemable for free slot play, or other prizes as determined by BCLC from time-to-time.

5.6.1.   Free Play is awarded differently depending on the location. Locations that have the New Rewards System (games with PIN enabled touch screens) award Free Play as account-based free slot play.

5.6.2.   Locations operating with the Casino Management System ("CMS") award Free Play with a slot play voucher.

5.7.   Points and or Free Play awarded are subject to system availability.

5.8.   The amount of Points you can earn is based on the following factors:

5.8.1.   The game played

5.8.2.   The amount wagered; and

5.8.3.   Your Encore Rewards Membership Level at the time of play.

5.8.4.   Further information can be obtained onsite at a BC Casinos or Community Gaming Centre location, from the BCLC Customer Support Center and online at www.EncoreRewards.ca

5.9.   BCLC reserves the right to change or restrict Point earnings or other awards on specific slot machines and other games.

5.10.   Promotions may be offered to you from time to time, and may be subject to specific promotion conditions.  Promotions may be subject to date restrictions which may refer to Gaming Day ("Gaming Day") which is defined as the 24 hour period from 7:00:00 am on one day to 6:59:59 am the following day. Any activity during this 24 hour period will refer to a single Gaming Day or single visit.

5.11.   At gaming locations with the New Rewards System, promotional offers or rewards may be available to you in the form of account-based Free Play and may be automatically loaded onto your account.

5.12.   You must notify BCLC of any omissions or discrepancies to your Point or Free Play balance within sixty days of earning, receiving or using the applicable Points or Free Play. BCLC may require you to provide documentation in support of any requested correction.

5.13.   BCLC will not be liable for and will adjust or cancel your Point and/or Free Play totals where Points and/or Free Play have accrued due to malfunction, operator error, misrepresentation, fraud, misuse or any other reason BCLC deems valid.

5.13.1.   In the instance of system error of point transactions, adjustments will not be made to player accounts where the difference (in favour of or against the player) is less than 10 points within a single Gaming Day.

5.14.   BCLC will make reasonable efforts to advise you of any material changes to these Terms. BCLC will make the updated Terms available on the website www.EncoreRewards.ca, on site at BC Casinos or Community Gaming Centre locations, and by email or written notification to the address on your account.

6.   Membership Levels

6.1.   The Program has 3 membership levels – Diamond, Double Diamond, and Triple Diamond.

6.2.   You will be assigned a Membership Level ("Level") determined by the Base Points ("Base Points") you earn during a Membership Level period (each a "Period").

6.2.1.   Base Points do not include free points given via promotion (such as point multipliers, bonus points, promotional points) which are credited to you as part of a promotion.

6.2.2.   A Period commences on 1 November and will end after a period of six (6) months. Subsequent Periods will commence on 1 May and last for six (6) months.

6.2.3.   Evaluation of Level upgrades and downgrades occur on the anniversary period.

6.2.4.   Evaluations of Level upgrades occur at the end of every month. When you are upgraded during a Period to a higher Level, a new Period will not commence.

6.3.   Employee Encore Reward Program members are not eligible for membership tier upgrades including any associated benefits of upgrades such as:
a) Additional entries into provincial promotions
b) Monthly bonus points based on points earned

6.4.   The benefits you are eligible for are based on your Level as outlined on the website www.EncoreRewards.ca and in the Welcome Package available at any BC Casino or Community Gaming Centre location.

7.   Redeeming Points or account based Free Play

7.1.   Redemption of Points or Free Play is subject to system availability.

7.2.   A deceased member's points may be redeemed by the Executor or Administrator of the deceased's estate upon presentation of either the will and death certificate or a letter from the estate's lawyer confirming the recipient's appointment as the estate's Executor or Administrator.

7.3.   Free Play will not be paid out in cash.

7.4.   Redeeming Points at gaming locations with the Casino Management System

7.4.1.   A minimum number of Points are required for redemption. To redeem points, members need a minimum of 1,000 points ($5.00). Points are redeemable in even multiples of 100 Points ($0.50). The minimum amount varies by machine.

7.5.   You must present your Card and government issued photo identification, bearing a date of birth, to redeem Points, inquire about Points or receive bonus prizes.

7.6.   Redeeming Points or Free Play at gaming locations with the New Rewards System

7.6.1.   A Personal Identification Number ("PIN") and your Card are required to redeem Free Play or Points on these gaming machines.

7.6.2.   You are solely responsible for any activity on your account when the account is accessed by using your Card and PIN.

7.6.3.   You must notify BCLC immediately if you suspect unauthorized use of your account.

7.6.4.   You must keep your PIN confidential and secure.

7.6.5.   Points can only be redeemed for credits at the gaming device.

7.6.6.   Free Play and Points can be redeemed in $1 increments, or higher denomination depending on the game.

7.6.7.   When you remove your card from the slot machine, any Free Play that you redeemed, but didn’t use is automatically returned to your Free Play balance.

7.6.8.   Credits that are won by a player are the only credits that can be cashed in. You can no longer trade Free Play or Points for cash.

8.   Cancellation of Encore Rewards Points and Free Play

8.1.   If another person uses your Card, you may have your membership either terminated or suspended at BCLC's sole discretion and BCLC may cancel all Points, Free Play and/or other rewards in your account.

8.2.   BCLC will suspend or cancel your Points, Free Play or other rewards if you have been barred, banned, and/or suspended.

8.3.   BCLC will close your account and pay out your Points if you have self-excluded.

8.4.   In the event your Card does not register a transaction within a continuous 12 month period, BCLC will cancel any remaining Points or Free Play and will terminate your membership.

8.4.1. Unused Points in your account that are more than 365 days old will expire. 

8.5.   Unused Free Play in your account that is older than 14 days will expire, unless stated otherwise.

8.6.   Points, Free Play and other rewards cannot be reclaimed after cancellation or termination of your account.

          8.7    You may cancel your membership at any time by visiting a BC Casino orCommunity          Gaming Center location and showing photo identification
                   8.7.1.   A cancelled membership can be reinstated by visiting a BC Casino or any       Community Gaming Center location and showing photo identification.

9.   Misuse

9.1.   BCLC reserves the right to revoke or deny you membership if you misuse your Card or if you do not comply with these Terms.

9.2.   BCLC reserves the right to cancel Points and other benefits obtained through misuse of your Card.

9.3.   BCLC may suspend or terminate your membership if BCLC decides that your actions are bringing the Program into disrepute.

10.   Encore Rewards Member Site

10.1.   If you have a valid, active account, you have the option to view your account information including point earning and redemption activities via a secure web-based Member Site (the "Member Site"). Any use of the Member Site and its services is subject to these Terms.

10.2.   You are responsible for selecting a Password (“Password”) for the Member Site. You must keep your Password confidential and secure.

10.3.   You are solely responsible for any activity on your account when the account is accessed by using your Password.

10.4.   You must immediately notify BCLC if there is any suspected unauthorized use of your account on the Member Site.

10.5.   If you register for the Member Site you authorize BCLC to communicate with you about matters concerning your account, or to provide important information about new or existing account services available to you.

10.6.   Information on your account and transactions displayed via the Member Site are:

10.6.1.   Subject to data delays and may be based on information that is outdated at time of viewing;

10.6.2.   Based on a Gaming Day.

10.7.   All contests, promotions, prizes, giveaways and other Member Site benefits are governed by and subject to all applicable Rules and Regulations and Game Conditions, including these Terms.

10.8.   BCLC may, in its sole and absolute discretion, modify, suspend or discontinue any portion of the Member Site at any time without notice. Additionally, BCLC may modify the Rules and Regulations and Game Conditions, including these Terms, at any time without any prior notice.

10.9.   BCLC does not guarantee the accuracy, quality or reliability of, nor will BCLC be held liable for any content on the Member Site.

10.10.   You may download or otherwise obtain material through any use of the Member Site at your own discretion and risk and you acknowledge and agree that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system and any loss of data that results from your use of the Member Site.

10.11.   Neither BCLC nor any of its related parties shall be liable for any damages or loss of any kind whatsoever including, without limitation:

10.11.1  . the use of or inability to use the Member Site or its service;

10.11.2.   any unauthorized access to or alteration to a Member name, Password or any other transmissions or data;

10.11.3.   any statements or conduct of any individual who in any way uses, or is connected to the Member Site;

10.11.4.   any statements, conduct, actions or omissions, including, without limitation the negligence, breach of contract or any other wrongful act on the part of any party whatsoever, including, without limitation, BCLC and the related parties; and

10.11.5.   any other matter relating to the Member Site or its service.

11.   General

11.1   These Terms replace all previous BC Gold Encore Terms and Conditions.

11.2.   All decisions regarding the interpretation of these Terms lie solely with BCLC whose decisions will be binding.

11.3.   If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid, all other provisions shall remain in effect.

11.4.   These Terms shall be governed by the laws of British Columbia and the laws of Canada applicable in British Columbia.

11.5.   BCLC reserves the right to modify or cancel this Program at any time, for any reason.